Manufacturer Certified Drivers

We only use original drivers that come directly from the hardware manufacturer. And we apply a rigorous testing process to make sure they are safe, stable, reliable, up-to-date and compatible with Windows and the most common hardware and software combinations.

Certified by DriverBay

We use a rigorous testing process to ensure the safety and stability of our drivers. This is very important as Microsoft cannot certify drivers from all manufacturers, especially not older hardware (this is a very rigorous and time-consuming process that can be quite expensive for manufacturers with many devices and drivers).

We test all popular hardware and software combinations

Our tests are much more practical than Microsoft’s tests. Because drivers behave differently on different computers, in different versions of Windows, and even in combination with different software, the only way to tell if a driver is stable, compatible, and safe for everyone is to physically test it on all popular combinations of hardware, operating system, and software.

And that’s exactly what we do:

We test on hundreds of computers

Our test center is strategically located in Shenzhen, China, one of the largest IT hubs in the country. We chose this location because we are surrounded by hundreds of computer vendors, all of whom are within easy reach. This means we have unlimited access to an almost unlimited amount of hardware and can test our drivers on all popular computers, including the newest models on the market, as well as used computers that still have many users.

Testing connected devices

For external device drivers (such as printers, external hard drives, mice and keyboards) we physically install the external device to test the driver.

Testing all current versions of Windows

We install and test the following operative systems:

  • 32-bit Windows 11
  • 64-bit Windows 11
  • 32-bit Windows 10
  • 64-bit Windows 10
  • 32-bit Windows 10
  • 32-bit Windows 7
  • 64-bit Windows 7

on each test computer.

Testing with popular applications

We also install several popular applications (such as different versions of Microsoft Office, antivirus programs, and video players) on each Windows installation before testing the driver.