Audio Drivers

Audio drivers are an important part of your computer system. They are what allows you to play sounds and use your microphone. It is important to have the latest sound drivers installed to ensure that your system is running at its best. You can download the latest audio drivers for your device here at DriverBay.

Find the right driver for your sound card

If you have sound problems or no sound at all, this is either due to incorrect audio settings or a faulty or incorrect driver. This issue can be solved by updating or installing new audio drivers.

There may already be a new sound driver for your sound card:

  • Search our website for your sound card manufacturer to see if new drivers are available for your model.
  • To find out which sound drivers you need, you can download and run the free software Driver Tools.
  • If the Audio entry doesn’t help, you can also search for your motherboard to find out the specifications of your integrated sound card, if you don’t have an extra sound card installed.

Once you have downloaded the correct driver, run the EXE file. It might be in a ZIP file, which you have to unpack first.